Tim Judd of MyLocally/eLocal Listing to Give Local Search Workshop at DigitalNow

Tim Judd, CEO and President of eLocal Listing and Search Initiatives, LLC will be conducting a workshop at the digitalNow conference in Orlando, FL.

Mr. Judd, a Local Search industry expert, author of ThinkJudd.com and a regular panelist at Lead Generation and Search conferences has been invited to present a workshop entitled, “Leading the Way with Local Search, Social and Mobile”. This 45-minute session will educate Account Executives on how to thrive in today’s complex marketplace and will include customer testimonials, case studies and detailed steps on trade secrets to increase visibility, conversion and branding.

digitalNow is an annual conference which brings together CEOs from some of the most influential professional, non-profit and trade associations in America. Produced by Fusion Productions and Disney Institute, this invitation-only conference addresses the critical issues facing association leaders in the digital age (Building Brand, Personalization, Online Community, AMS Integration, Lifetime Loyalty, Member Relationship Management, Taxonomy/Advanced Search, Content Management, One-to-One Marketing, eLearning, and Web 2.0).

Mr. Judd will be introducing MyLocally.com, a revolutionary online directory that merges Search, Social and Mobile to increase a company’s online visibility and encourages B2C engagements that result in increased revenues at the Digital Now Conference.

MyLocally offers partnership programs to Associations and Publications, allowing them to leverage the power of the Internet, promote their organization and share in revenue.

About Us
MyLocally is a Search Initiatives, LLC company. Search Initiatives owns and operates a portfolio of online properties that harness the power of the Internet to help small to medium-sized businesses market their products and services.

The company generates accurate and useful information about these businesses to improve search engine visibility and optimize consumer impact. Search Initiatives’ properties include eLocal Listing, MyLocally, eLocal Profiles, cherrp, and RadarFrog.

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