Social Media Rules the World

Does Social Media rule the world? If you asked me that question three years ago, I probably would have said no, but I was never the type of person who had to have a page on My Space or use Twitter. I never imagined I would join the rest of the world after my 65 year old dad asked me, “Why aren’t you on Facebook?” It was then that I pondered, “Am I the only person who is not on Facebook?” I guess you could say he talked me into joining and once that happened I was hooked.

So what compels us to want to be part of such of the world of social networking? Social media provides us with the ability to stay in contact with the ones we love in a way that just a few years ago would not be possible. It reconnects us with old friends to share thoughts, pictures, politics, or news stories that are important to us.

Millions of people around the world are connected to leading social media networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. I can only imagine this is just the beginning of something bigger to come..

So, If you ask me today if Social Media rules the World I would say, “It Will.”





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  1. carolee.collins

    Couldn’t help but think of Cold Play’s “When I Ruled the World” …….

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