Seasonal Search Trends

eLocal Listing provides Local Search solutions to over 100,000 small businesses nationwide, so it would be fair to say we know a thing or two about Local Search.   We understand that many businesses see a fluctuation in seasonal demand for their product or services.  As a result, when consulting with these customers we often utilize Google’s Insight trending tool and we also have a program that allows businesses to only pay for calls.  This program means that businesses don’t need to incur the cost of marketing/advertising in lean months. 

Another guy who knows a thing or two about Local Search is Andrew Shotland whose blog Loc@l SEO Guide is read by many and is seen as one of the premiere blogs on the subject of Local Search.  In Andrew’s most recent article he posts a calendar of the industries and products that get the most local searches. 

According to this calendar back to school shopping for supplies and apparel top the list for July – September 15th, with events, party supplies, and travel dominate local searches from July through mid September.  It certainly seems logical and it makes sense that savvy business owners should target their marketing around these key phrases by updating content, writing blogs, purchasing paid online marketing campaigns and participating in Social Media.

Come to think of it – Halloween is around the corner – I think maybe I will call our friends at Frisco’s Halloween Shop in La Puente, CA and remind them that costume buying season is upon us.

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