Deals – The Way of the Do Do Bird

OK, I am probably predicting the death of Daily Deals a bit too prematurely, but Tim Judd, CEO of eLocal Listing is sending me updates from the SMBs and Deals: The Next Wave session being held at the Directional Media … Read More

Google wants “YOU!”

Do you think that Google wants “YOU!” to sign up for Google +? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that according to industry experts, Google + posts have decreased by 41% since its invitation only launch earlier … Read More

Social Media; the new Paul Revere

One if by Facebook, two if by Twitter and three if by YouTube! To paraphrase Longfellow’s historically inaccurate poem outlining Paul Revere’s warning that the “Red Coats” were coming, so did Social Media warn New York that a revolution of … Read More

Social Media Events That Shook Our World

Like Apple, MicroSoft, and Google changed the way that we all live, so hasn’t the world of Social Media.  People all over the world tweet, chat, facebook, video or share photos in ways that would not have been imaginable ten … Read More

It’s Google’s world; we just live in it!

As I began to do research on Google’s gobbling up of Zagat, I found a quote from Paul Saffo, Managing Director of Discern Analytics, that I just couldn’t resist “borrowing”. In its continued effort to capture more of the online … Read More

A Groupon Coupon for College – Creative Marketing

Social Media and online coupon deals are quickly becoming part of the fabric of our daily lives, and businesses of all sizes are beginning to embrace them as part of their overall business and advertising strategies. Each day I scour … Read More

MyLocally on track with Local Search and Social Media Trends

As the launch of fast approaches, we see affirmation that our strategy combining Local Search and Social Media into one product is in line with current Search trends every day and we grow increasingly more excited for its launch. … Read More

And the winner is ……… recently held a raffle at the Florida Chiropractic Association’s 2011 National Convention held in Orlando from August 25th – August 28th and the winner of an iPod Touch is Diane Handley. Diane is Chapter President for the Tampa Bay Chapter … Read More

MyLocally setting trends in Local Search and Social Media

As the launch of fast approaches, we see continue affirmation that our strategy of combining Local Search and Social Media into our new online directory product called MyLocally. BIA/Kelsey has recently launched their Social Local Media (SLM) advisory service, … Read More

Facebook to roll out privacy setting changes

Ever wish you could have more control over your privacy settings on Facebook?  Well you are not alone and Facebook is responding with a series of privacy upgrades due to roll out on Thursday, August 25, 2011. Facebook’s Chris Cox, … Read More