MyLocally to Attend Parker Seminars in Las Vegas

Carol Lee Collins of eLocal Listing/MyLocally will introduce MyLocally to chiropractic professionals at Parker Seminars in Las Vegas.  MyLocally and The American Chiropractor Magazine have partnered to provide a FREE Micro Site for all of their magazine recipients.    

Don’t Use Email When You’re Angry and Other Great Business email Tips

Most businesses use email as a primary form of communicating with current clients and potential clients.  It is easy, convenient and free.  But emails tell a story and you need to be certain that the story that they tell is … Read More

Local SEO Basics For Chiropractors

  By Andrew Shotland Andrew Shotland is an industry-leading search marketing consultant who provides enterprise and local seo services and advice at If your practice does not show up in search engines for relevant queries, you are invisible and … Read More

Turning Negative Reviews into a Positive Marketing Opportunity

On a recent trip I commented to the hotel clerk that I had read a review online complaining about the condition of the linens.  She proudly remarked that they had upgraded ALL of their towels and bed linens and that … Read More

Understanding Your Target Audience for Local SEO

“Local” Optimization Marketing/Advertising 101 teaches us two basic principles; you need to know your target audience and you need to know how to get your marketing/advertising efforts in front of your target audience.  The same applies to Local Internet Marketing. … Read More

Blogs – Not Just for Nerds Anymore

To Blog or Not To Blog Just in case you have spent much of the last few years under a rock blogging has gone main stream. Blogging once belonged to political fanatics or nerds. In the age of twitter (the … Read More

Social Media Rules the World

Does Social Media rule the world? If you asked me that question three years ago, I probably would have said no, but I was never the type of person who had to have a page on My Space or use … Read More

Good Bye Steve Jobs

This could be a long winded post about this amazing man who will be seen in the history books as the Thomas Edison of our generation, but a conversation with Mark Cahill, a friend from my Atex days who pondered … Read More

Facebook Freak Out!

The speakers at last Wednesday’s f8 conference were barraged with complaints about Facebook’s new features.  Facebook’s answer: “people will get used to it.” Interesting response, but I guess when you have 750 million users you can dictate how the market SHOULD … Read More

Facebook and SMBs

Tim Judd sent a post from DMS 2011 with some interesting updates about Facebook.  His comments come on the heels of major (and somewhat annoying) changes to Facebook and the f8 conference in San Francisco.  f8 is Facebook’s conference for developers and … Read More