Good SEO is like a Well Orchestrated Symphony

In preparing for the Digital Now Conference in Orlando, FL at the end of April where Tim Judd, CEO and President of eLocal Listing and MyLocally will be presenting a session on “Leading the Way through Local Search, Social and Mobile”, I came across an article on building a better case for investing in SEO that made a poignant point.

It said that “SEO is not one single activity, but a culmination of processes, skills, techniques and people that must work in perfect harmony in order to be effective, like a well rehearsed orchestra. If you have ever listened to a musician practice a viola, a horn, or other instrument where each portion on its own sounds disjointed, you can understand that only when each instrument or section plays its part and joins with the whole, is music really made. It is the same with a business’ Search and Social strategy. A tweet here and there hardly makes music, in the same way that an occasional (and often random) facebook post or a poorly ranked website constitutes an online marketing strategy.

A business’ Local Web Strategy must be cohesive and consistent and must incorporate those elements that assist in visibility and conversion. A well thought out marketing strategy with the various aspects of the “Web Equity” can make beautiful music, but like that one instrument, alone or not well rehearsed will only sound like noise.

In the next few weeks the team at will be posting the various elements that are necessary to create an online marketing strategy that will encourage engagement, increase online ranking and assist with conversion.

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