Facebook Freak Out!

The speakers at last Wednesday’s f8 conference were barraged with complaints about Facebook’s new features.  Facebook’s answer: “people will get used to it.” Interesting response, but I guess when you have 750 million users you can dictate how the market SHOULD respond to your initiatives!  I wonder if while at Harvard Zuckerberg learned about the fall of the Roman Empire or the old adage, “Before pride comes a fall… “

Regardless, they are Facebook and it appears that the changes are here to stay.  I do have to admit that MyLocally is including some of these features in our new online directory, so hopefully Zuckerberg is right that people will get used to features like tickers and activity news feeds.

While I doubt that Facebook sees MySpace as a threat to domineer the world of Social Media, it does look at its rise and fall as a lesson they should choose not to follow.  According to a Facebook executive, as a company they realize that in order to survive and thrive they must change and adapt.  I recall just last week, when a musician friend of mine, Adam Bubert, wrote a post on Facebook about his MySpace page, some bewildered 20 year old asked ½ tongue in cheek what MySpace was!  I guess Justin Timberlake isn’t “bringing MySpace back” quite yet.

While many of these changes were in the works before the introduction of Google +, its meteoric rise (and slide) certainly gave notice to Facebook that they weren’t the only game in town.  That being said, according to eMarketer, Facebook has $3.8 billion in worldwide advertising this year and a predicted $5.8 billion in 2012 – so they are doing something right.

I wrote this blog last week on my way to the Lake Tahoe Marathon and never posted it, so a week has passed since “Black Wednesday” when many of us Facebookers woke up to find our beloved home pages altered.  Since that time I can tell you that I have gotten used to the changes, and the ticker on the side has some interesting features that I like, such as scrolling down and seeing someone’s post appear with images and the thread!  But I did find it a bit disturbing that Andrew Shotland of LocalSEOGuide.com was listening to some band I have never heard of and NOT returning my calls…can you say “Facebook stalking” Andrew?


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  1. Danielle Marie

    It’s not the tickers and the news feeds that are obnoxious with the latest updates of Facebook, it’s the fact that there is minimal privacy because of those tickers and news feeds. They now allow you to see what others comment on walls/photos of individuals you aren’t even friends with. I do not want some stranger seeing what I write on my friend’s walls or what my friend writes on my photo. I have faith that My Locally will use the tickers and news feeds in a more efficient manner that does not invade the privacy of its clients.

    • carolee.collins

      While I do find some of the ticker posts a bit “stalkish”, like knowing what people are listening to on Spotify and I have seen a few wall posts from people that might not want me to see them! I think if you are careful with the new security settings, you can eliminate the world seeing your posts!

      You can set up default settings or for each post! Maybe it was a good thing that “someone” didn’t know how to change their post to “friends only” or “custom” …

  2. Now that it has been some time since the new facebook changes, how is everyone reacting? Did everyone forget all about the changes, or are they still freaking out?

    In all honesty, I believe the changes have improved facebook. At first the new live feed had the same information as the general posts. Now, they seem to be very different. Of course we all don’t like change. It’s different, and lots of people don’t like something that’s “not broken.”

    On top of all of this, there are several features that I do enjoy. One of them being that you can now classify friends vs acquaintances.

    With all new changes, we just have to get used to them. Then don’t even realize that we liked it better than before? Why? Probably because we were too busy “not liking” them to accept them.

    Changes were for the better! Woohoooo.

  3. Nicole Lyons

    I don’t care for the new Facebook changes. I also find the new Home page an invasion of privacy. I think I comment less on others posts because I don’t want to broadcast to everyone what I only want to say to one friend. How can we be sure that person’s page we are commenting on isn’t public? The only way to avoid that is to use Facebook less. I know a lot of people agree with me, but I don’t get why Facebook made this change.

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