Don’t Use Email When You’re Angry and Other Great Business email Tips

Most businesses use email as a primary form of communicating with current clients and potential clients.  It is easy, convenient and free.  But emails tell a story and you need to be certain that the story that they tell is professional and representative of your business.

1)      Don’t Use Email When You’re Angry – Even if you are not emailing the person who is the recipient of the email, the tone of your email can be greatly impacted by your state of mind.  So if you are angry, hold off on writing that important email.

 2)      Be Professional – Emoticons and text acronyms are alright for personal emails and correspondence, they are still not accepted in the business world.  Trust me a prospective client doesn’t want to read that  you are “jk” or have you “;)” at them.

 3)      Be Professional Part 2 - Be aware of the professional (or not) relationship between yourself and the recipient before starting an email. Check the tone of your email and check spelling and grammar.  Re-read your email and if you have any doubt about the messaging or tone, ask a co-working to read it.

 4)      Include a Sig (Signature File) – Include a signature file, but keep it to no more than four lines: Name (use the name you want to be called), title, company, phone #s.

 5)      Be careful . Email is not private; it can be intercepted anywhere en route to its recipient. It can live on for years and posted or quoted on the Internet or emailed to one or more recipients.

 6)      Think About Your email “Handle” – Keep it professional and relevant to your business.  If you have a personal email with a “pet” name, that is great, but don’t use it for professional purposes.  For example is you have a cleaning services, prospective customers don’t want to hear from, instead they want to read an email from

 7)      Images and Color – These are a great way to reach out to your customers and set your business apart from other businesses, but be careful a lot of email servers do not accept large files or put html emails in to spam.



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