Deals – The Way of the Do Do Bird

OK, I am probably predicting the death of Daily Deals a bit too prematurely, but Tim Judd, CEO of eLocal Listing is sending me updates from the SMBs and Deals: The Next Wave session being held at the Directional Media Strategies Conference in Denver and informs me that perhaps I am not the only one that is annoyed with the constant barrage of deals.

Groupon has become controversial with thousands of users complaints, plus it is a crowded space with over 600 different deal sites.

Deals have spread beyond just spas and salons, it has twice as many email subscribers in Chicago than both the Chicago newspapers.

Building a social buying community which focuses on vertical communities is key to deals’ success!  Creating virtual communities where “word of mouth” becomes a part of a successful business’ marketing strategy helps drive deals and trusts!

Tim, you must be pretty excited in these sessions, since this is exactly the direction of  In reading Tim’s summaries, I can see that Deals are still a “Do Do”, but unless Daily Deal sites don’t adapt and become part of the newly socially engaged Search world – Deals may be a “don’t don’t”.

Great info Tim, keep the posts coming!



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