Common LinkedIn Mistakes

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for professionals with an estimated participation of as high as 83% of US professionals! While most professionals use LinkedIn, many make common mistakes.

Below is a list of LinkedIn Tips for what not to do.

You are not Active in LinkedIn on a Consistent Basis

You sign up for LinkedIn, but are only active when looking for a job. Well, first of all this could be a bit obvious to your current employer. But more importantly, your profile should be updated on a regular basis as you connect with other professionals that will help you in your current and future endeavors.

Your LinkedIn Profile is Incomplete

It is important that your profile is complete; this means an image (and not the one with the Hawaiian shirt and fruit drink with an umbrella), complete employment history, a description of what you do on a regular basis, details about your company, the types of networks you belong to, blogs and more.

You Don’t Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Think of LinkedIn as a professional Search Engine and optimize it with keywords that will help both you and your company be found for relative terms, jobs and connections.

You Don’t Belong to the Right LinkedIn Groups

There are thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of groups on LinkedIn. Join the ones that are most relevant to you and be active. Sure, join the ones that might include alumni groups and other interest groups, but don’t forget to join the ones that are pertinent to your market segments.

You’re Not Sharing Content

Oh no, this one hits home. I write two to three blogs a week and I never share them. When you write a blog post or your company creates a valuable white paper, share it on your LinkedIn feed! Don’t just share content you have written, but share content you think others would love to read.

You’re Not Building Connections

Constantly add and accept connections from people you know both professionally and personally.

You’re Not Using LinkedIn Answers

You are not alone on this one. According to industry experts, LinkedIn Answers is one of the most underutilized sections of LinkedIn. In this section people ask questions and if you know the answers or can point them to an article or source for the answer, you can answer in a forum. LinkedIn Answers sections get visited by people with similar questions over time, so the staying power means you have a wide and lasting reach.

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