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The Benefits of Dance Classes for Your Child

Auto Body – DIY or Hire a Pro

Why Develop a Business Plan

Top 10 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Repair or Replace Your Computer

Water Bottle Templates for Weddings

Botox – Not Just for Celebrities

Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Company

The Origins of the Barber Pole

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

What to Expect fromYour First Yoga Class

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MyLocally addds new categories to their FREE online Directory

MyLocally is pleased to announce that it has added the following categories to their FREE Directory.

We welcome business owners to add their FREE Mycro Site to as part of their overall online Local Search and Social Marketing strategies.

Why?  It is FREE!  It improves your online visibility!  It helps with your link building and citation strategy!  It is FREE, oh yeah, we already said that!  It only takes a few minutes!  You can create and promote your business online with integrated Social tools.

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MyLocally Rewards Small Businesses

MyLocally, a FREE and revolutionary new online directory, is pleased to announce that the following customers have received a FREE cup of coffee for promoting their businesses using MyLocally’s easy to use online tools:

Granite Countertops of Charlotte, NC; Fireplace & Granite Distributors serving the Charlotte, NC area since 1996.

Integrated Maintenance Solutions, a full service commercial maintenance company located in Baldwin Place, NY.  Check out their latest MyLocally post!

Legacy Dzynes, a creative and affordable web design company from Temecula, CA.

Mega Liquor Warehouse, offering great promotional offerings and serving Hemet, CA.

Nimmi Shine Dental, an affordable family dental office located in Temecula, CA.

MyLocally rewards businesses who promote themselves using MyLocally’s post feature.  Utilizing these tools businesses not only rise within MyLocally’s top ranked directory, but also improve their online visibility through the creation of these highly ranked blog posts. These posts create valuable inbound links to your business listing, as well as help promote your business by establishing relevancy and authority within your industry.  If that isn’t enough to get you posting, MyLocally also rewards our members with a FREE cup of Starbucks coffee for creating two posts every month!

Posting only takes a few minutes and can include testimonials, videos, images or articles – so get posting today.

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MyLocally is also pleased to reward Starbucks gift cards to the following Featured Businesses.  These businesses have signed up for guaranteed top positioning on MyLocally plus other great features, all for only $9.95 a month.  Want to find out how your business can be featured on MyLocally? Click here to find out more!

Nimmi Shine Dental, providing quality dental care for families in Temecula, CA since 2007.  Check out their most recent post.

Kogut Chiropractic Clinic, serving the chiropractic needs of patients in Miami and Miami Shores, FL.

Glazer Financial Network, a full service financial firm specializing in tax planning for both businesses and individuals and serving the Dallas, TX area since 1990.

Integrated Maintenance Solutions, a commercial cleaning and maintenance firm located in Baldwin, NY.

All Year Appliance Repairs, a trusted appliance repair company serving Washington, DC and northern Virginia since 1995.

Plano TX Locksmith, a reliable 24/7 Locksmith company serving the Plano area since 1998.

TLC Bodyworks, a holistic chiropractor clinic located in Murrieta, CA and providing quality chiropractic care.

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1,000th customer to claim their FREE Micro Site on

MyLocally is pleased to announce that Anderson Carpet Cleaning of Mill Creek, WA is the 1000th customer to claim their FREE Micro Site on

MyLocally is a FREE online directory that merges the best of Local Search and Social Marketing to help small businesses get found online.  MyLocally leverages the power of Search and Social with easy (and free) tools that help small businesses improve their online presence.

Part of the Search Initiatives’ brand and leaders in Local Search since 2007, the team at MyLocally has created a one of a kind product that offers ALL business owners with a FREE online presence and rewards them for actively participating in the promotion of their business.

By combining the SEO/Search elements that are needed to be found online with Social Media features, we provide a tool that allows businesses to reach out to and communicate with customers.

MyLocally is a must have for your Search and Social toolkit; go to to add your business for FREE!

MyLocally is currently partnering with The American Chiropractor Magazine.
MyLocally has over 300,000 Small Business Listings in over 120 categories.
MyLocally is a Search Initiatives Brand.
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