Are Postcards an Effective Way to Reach Out to Local Customers?

At MyLocally, we are always looking for ways to help our customers grow their business.  We know that MyLocally helps businesses owners promote their company online through Search and Social, but we also know that a successful marketing strategy is diversified.  As a result, we have written this article on the value of more traditional postcards as part of your marketing plan to reach out to local customers.

Postcards can be an extremely effective way of getting your message across to your business’s local customers if they’re done in the right way. You want to make sure that when your postcards roll off the presses at the printing company, you’re getting powerful, effective cards that communicate your message perfectly. The tips below can help make your next postcard campaign a great one.

* Hire a graphic designer or use one of the many online services that produce marketing materials, such as Postcards. Postcards allow you a split second to make the first impression you’re aiming for. Customers respond to well-placed visuals and text, and graphic designers are trained to make the most important information pop in an ad. If your resources are limited, check out local design schools for access to talented designers.

* Your postcard messaging must include a Call to Action. A “call to action” is what you want your consumers to do once they’ve received your messaging. For example, you might want them to call you right away or visit your business or even go to your website or like your business on Facebook. The only way the consumer is going to respond to a call to action is if your messaging is compelling enough. A general rule is to highlight your call to action and repeat it more than once.

* Get your cards printed through custom printing. Make sure that the printing company or online service publishes color copies of your postcards using digital printing on high-quality products. Customers will respond positively to professionally printed cards, while postcards run through a color copier and printed on cheap paper could seem amateurish. That look could kill your messaging before it has a chance to convince potential customers to get in touch.

*Use graphics and keep the message simple.  Using colorful graphics are a great way to portray your message.  Remember that you only have a few minutes to grab the customer’s attention.  Keep your message simple, you may have a lot to say, but a postcard needs to be simple and send a clear and concise message.

*Provide a reason to act upon your postcard.  Provide a discount, a special or promotion.  One approach it to give them a time period to act or a “special offer” to the first 50 customers.  The chances are, if they put down the Postcard, they won’t pick it up again.  Give them reason to call or visit your business.

*Be realistic about your expectations and measure the results.  Traditional wisdom says that any mailing will have a success rate of 1% – 10%.   While this seems low, it is still a cost efficient way of reaching customers.  Be certain that you measure the success of each Postcard by recording its success.  One way to do it is to include a promotion code or wording that will help you determine where the sale came from.

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