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Thanks for your interest in MyLocally, we’d like to share our story with you.

MyLocally is a leading provider of search based, content-driven lead generation solutions for thousands of small to medium-sized businesses in the U.S.  We provide easy and affordable solutions for businesses looking to improve their web presence without the need for a website or large marketing budget.

Our Start

We’d like to tell you that our start was as interesting as Google’s or Facebook’s start and that movies or books would be written about us, but we can’t.  Instead what we can tell that MyLocally, formed in 2007, was the coming together of a group of smart entrepreneurs with over 50 years of cumulative years of experience in technology, advertising, search, web design, and marketing.  Couple that with some really smart innovators (like Steve Espinosa), the growing importance of Local Search, and a bunch of hard working and dedicated staff and you have the story of MyLocally.

We are headquartered in sunny Southern California, mid way between San Diego and Los Angeles.  Better known for wine making than technology, the sleepy town of Temecula has offered us the opportunity to grow, expand and flourish over the last several years and we look forward to what the future holds for us.

Our team is made up of 50 professionals and since our inception in 2007, we have established one of the largest customer bases in local online advertising.  We welcome small businesses, partners, and investors to join us as we continue to drive quality calls through Local Search.

Our Technology

We have put together a strong combination of technology and expertise to build a highly effective search visibility platform which brings online customers to local businesses through carefully crafted content and SEO’d designed profiles.

Through our technology we drive calls and leads to local advertisers. At the core of MyLocally's platform is a highly automated content management and publishing solution (Found Fast Technology) which takes basic information about a business which allows us to add unique and interesting content to create highly optimized marketing business profile pages specifically tailored to answer the questions posed by the end users of search engines.

Leaders choose leaders and as a result we have installed state of the art solutions that allow us to provide the best possible customer service to our growing customer base.  We have successfully installed SAP and SalesForce.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple “To drive value to our customers by driving leads to them through Local Search”.  It encompasses all we do.  We continually strive to provide leading edge technology and solutions that are embraced by Search Engines, consumers, and partners alike.

Our Customers

MyLocally has successfully deployed its solution for many thousands of local businesses directly and works with many thousand more local businesses through their advertising agencies or marketing teams.

Partners and Investors

We welcome investors, business owners, publishers, corporations, franchises, and resellers to take advantage of our technology and lead generation solutions to leverage the power of the Internet.

If you want more information, just drop us a note and we will get back to you.

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