MyLocally setting trends in Local Search and Social Media

As the launch of fast approaches, we see continue affirmation that our strategy of combining Local Search and Social Media into our new online directory product called MyLocally.

BIA/Kelsey has recently launched their Social Local Media (SLM) advisory service, focused on the “growing significance of social platforms” and has appointed Andrew Shotland of to act as their associate program director.  Mr. Shotland is a respected social and local SEO expert, and is an integral part of developing, consulting and working with us from the inception of our new one of a kind directory product.

BIA/Kelsey’s SLM will focus on monetization models for social networks (something SMBs have been struggling with for years), metrics that measure social transactions, social commerce, and Facebook’s continued evolution.

Another sign that MyLocally is in line with current Search and Social Media trends, especially with our focus on its community Market Place pages, is the introduction of BuddyPress; Social Networking in a box. This new free and open source web product allows communities to build an integrated solution in which participants are connected through blogs, updates, messaging, and more.

Exactly the direction that is taking.  We are excited to be presenting the market place with a new online community that allows its participants, both businesses and consumers, to actively participate in deals, reviews, blog posts, and Q&A.  The more they participate, the better the experience.

 Our current launch date is September 25, 2011; until then, keep coming back for more updates.

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